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Open for 3D Commissions

Posted by Hara-Surya - June 12th, 2019

I'm open for commissions and let me list my rates and what I can and can't/won't do.


$25 - Single, original character with a simple background. This can include an HDRI background, which are based on photographic references and have impressive results.

$50 - Single, original character with a fully rendered background. This can include a limited amount of interaction with the background or props.

$100 - Single, original character in a complex action scene. "Action scene" means both combat and pornographic.

$10 for each additional character, or $25 in an action scene.

Half price for each additional image after the first. Once the characters are made and the scene is set it's not as difficult to make alterations. There may be exceptions to this policy based on how much about the scene changes.

The rates assume I pull items that already exist in my files and use them. I have a massive runtime, on the order of multiple terabytes, so there's a good chance I have something that'll work. If you have something very, very specific in mind then I'd expect you to "gift" me the item from the store of choice and I'd be allowed to use it for other images in the future.

The rate also assumes the final result will be roughly "Full HD" in pixel count (around 2-4 million pixels). Larger images take longer, require more system resources and a better attention to detail and UHD (4K, 6-10 million pixels) and cost 50% more.

What I enjoy doing:

Female characters in general

BBWs/Chubby girls


Fantasy/Sci-Fi characters



Action scenes, both combat and sexual

Pee & squirting

Using Sex Toys

"Fine Art," classic pin-ups and portraits

What I can do:

Humans, Elves, Halflings and most standard D&D style fantasy races

A handful of Star Trek aliens - Vulcans, Andorians, maybe Klingons, and "Foam head of the week" aliens.

Star Wars: Twi'lek, Togruta, Devaronian, "foam head of the scene"

Furries, but a very limited choice of species. I also can't do custom skin textures for Furries, though I'll probably have to doctor existing ones a bit just to work.

Basically, if you want an alien or fantasy character ask and I'll see what I might be able to manage.

Kinks I'm open to depicting:



Bondage (Within limits, let's talk first)


Futa, transgender and fantasy sex organs

What I don't "get" but could probably do a decent picture:


Belly inflation (I kinda get it, but let's put it here to be safe)

Foot fetish

Male-Male Homosexual

What I won't do:

Real people, with some exception for celebrities and "glamor models."

Extreme sexual violence (Spankings are OK)

Blood in a sexual context




Degradation of women

Anything that goes against my personal values and mores

I also reserve the right to deny any idea for any reason.

Technical limitations:

I have a beast of a computer, but sometimes scenes simply won't fit in the available memory. I know tricks to reduce memory required for a scene, but there are still limits and I'm honestly unaware of where they are. It is possible a request scene simply won't "fit" on my computer, at which point we can discuss changes.


Payment is expected upfront, with the understanding it can take a couple days for final results on complex scenes. If requested I can arrange for an escrow service (escrow.com) to hold the payment until both parties are satisfied. Otherwise, preferred payment methods are PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay.


Send me a private message with the request. Be clear and concise about what you want and give visual references for the character if possible. We will discuss the idea back and forth about what you want versus what I'm able to provide. I'll set a price and the payment would be sent. I'll work out a "sketch" quality version of the scene and present it. Once we're both satisfied with the sketch I'll "fire for effect" and render the final version.